Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm a News and Media Junky CNN International-IDesk

Do you ever watch CNN International? I highly recommend this channel if you are interested in a more sophisticated and international news gathering service than the homegrown CNN.

I am signed up to Real Player's SuperPass and I'm very happy with the package: CNN International, Al Jazeera, EuroNews and France Channel 24, all offered in English.

I enjoy Al Jazeera, too but I feel a special affection for the CNN International team of journalists. When I first moved to Crete I was able to watch them on TV with the help of our $15.00 roof antenna. They allow lots of opportunities for viewers to send comments. Ah, heaven for a media activist and opinionated lady like myself.

After CNN International was replaced by Vouli (a great channel like a partnering of C-Span and PBS except with the Greek parliament and documentaries from Greece and all over the world) I lost track of my friends on CNN International for a bit. Now that I'm able to view regularly again many changes have taken place, fortunately even more opportunities for viewers to communicate exist (even sending videos) as well as new programs.

Ms Hala Gorani is now commandeering the International Desk, I-Desk, which has a nice blog. The I-Desk blog has polls for viewers and a chance to comment with other listeners from all over the world on many subjects.
Not only is Ms Gorani a capable news anchor she is also a good author. Here is her blog post about her Syrian Nana whom unfortunately passed away this August. Here's the link, I think you might enjoy reading it, too.

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