Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The New Arms Race - Empire - Al Jazeera English

The New Arms Race - Empire - Al Jazeera English

Thursday. 11 November 2010. I'm still fretting about the experts on this episode; they are as frightening as the escalating self-perpetuating arms race.

1 They are totally focused on a fossil fuel energized society therefore we will keep fighting wars over fossil fuel products. (Now it's not necessary but soon it will not be possible to due inaccessibility   of fossil fuel.)
2 They are still using as a reason to attack Iran, the Persian Empire by assuming the same motivations from a thousand of years ago are still at play now and that somehow this is logical.
3. They are totally comfortable with the assumption that Iran is working towards being a nuclear weapons power although the inspectors (nor others) have yet to offer valid factual proof.
4. And their attitude to Israel as known to have nuclear weapons, known to attack innocent people (they are an occupying force, afterall) and have been systematically carrying out genocidal attacks on the   people the have colonized as an almost daily occurrence. Yet compared to Iran . . . ?  Psychiatrist needed here please.

Saturday. 6 November 2010. This is a timely discussion. Not only is it informative as to the arms race, the distribution of arms and the continually growing business of arms sales.
Very strange at the end of the discussion how all three of the experts are trying to justify that Iran is a terrible enemy.  They must know that inspectors said there is nothing in Iran to fear, but somehow their brains are not acknowledging what their better judgment must know and should be talking about.
We'll talk about this with Stephen Dufrechou on my next Talking Progressive Politics. How our subconscious rules our conscious and convinces us to make bad decisions and choices and lots of other contradictions in our understanding.

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