Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Talking Progressive Politics 11/14/2010 - Vicki in Greece | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Talking Progressive Politics 11/14/2010 - Vicki in Greece | Internet Radio | Blog Talk 
Talk Radio on Talking Progressive Politics

Midterm election results and unemployment extension benefits discussed with Jim Cullen, editor of The Progressive Populist and Scott Clark, author at Associated Content

Here's how GOP will try to kill health care overhaul 
 McClatchy DC  By Tony Pugh WASHINGTON — In a symbolic show of opposition, resurgent House Republicans are eyeing an early up-or-down vote to repeal the Obama administration's health care overhaul, though a successful overturn of the controversial measure is well beyond their reach.

From Mr.Drinkwater Political commentary as art - A democracy paralyzed with ignorance and fear. 

"The list of what should have been done, and should still be done, but now definitely won’t be done in the next two years is a long one.” Meteor Blades in article -After the Wave, Dems Still Standing.

Don't Panic; Populize "There is no need for panic at the mid-term election results. Dems lost 60 seats 7 their majority in the House because the unemployment rate is still near 105, not necessarily because voters rejected Democratic policies.. . . they opted to neuter Congress . . . Editorial, Jim Cullen, The Progressive Populist

Music today courtesy of Andy J. Gallagher from his new CD "helicopters dolphins submarines" The opening song is titled "On your way rejoicing" Andy J. Gallagher is a young lad from Essex with lots of talent. He writes songs with a punch to get our adrenaline flowing for the challenges ahead.

"Republicans won both houses of the state Legislature in Alabama for the first time since the end of the Civil War." from the article "After the Wave: Democrats Still Standing"

2010 Unemployment Extension - Will Republicans Have Lame Duck for Dinner? Nov 14, 2010 by Scott Clark

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