Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

BREAKTHROUGH: Transforming Fear Into Compassion

BREAKTHROUGH: Transforming Fear Into Compassion: A new perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict by R. Forer 
A Zionist can listen but can he hear?
Palestinian-Israeli relationship
Breakthrough is a personal story of the entrenched myths and beliefs that are the essence of the Middle East conflict . . . and taking a mature personal stand.

Killing Palestinians living in Gaza is like shooting fish in a bowl. Palestine’s Gaza Strip is being attacked daily. In the preceding months several methods of attack have been used. Sophisticated Israeli military technology is often used. This seems like a waste of expensive equipment since the Palestinians have at best homemade bombs and rocks. Sometimes the attacks are simply the whim of a soldier or two such as when schoolchildren are shot. Sometimes attacks are face-to-face such as when using humiliation and forcing professionals to strip at border crossings on their way to work. The most famous example of murder on the Gaza strip is when a bulldozer was used to smash American Rachel Corrie.

Historically colonization peaked decades ago but empires still cling to what pieces they have left. For example, recently a remnant of colonialism declared the Argentinean Falklands were still part of the empire. The decision to pass along the colonization of Palestine was carried out much like passing down the inherited crown. England had declared Palestine its colony but with American support the colony was passed to new occupiers who are now carrying out the policy against Palestine and setting policy throughout the Middle East to northern Africa.

Facing facts and understanding where the responsibility lies can seem insurmountable. For a Zionist entrenched from birth with the belief that Palestinians are less than human and Israel was placed by God an impenetrable wall of denial exists. One man, the author Richard Forer, has broken through the wall. But it was a painful and difficult journey. His book Breakthrough explains how by patiently listening to two close friends; he was able to finally hear what was being said.

Forer became initiated into the realm of research and discovery where he assimilated facts from primary sources. He has written a historical timeline of the Palestinian-Israeli relationship and adds new factual information to the public discourse. Breakthrough shares many facts that have not felt the light of media distribution.

Forer’s book explains how the ties were formed that bind Zionists so tightly together against their commonly perceived enemy. He explains how the implementation of the Zionist cause has impacted the Palestinian-Israeli relationship. He also describes an odyssey of breaking out of an unhealthy entrenched belief system; one that has damaged countless lives and is, tragically, still on the same path.

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