Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Sun Will Rise: Balfour Agreement Anniversary

"The Sun Will Rise" is the only English language news show dedicated to topics related to Palestine!
Click the blog post title above to view the show on the Balfour Agreement.

Note that the only parties actively involved with the Balfour Declaration (above) are Lord Rothschild, the Zionist Federation, and His Majesty's government. The Palestinians had no say so as is typical in colony establishment (such a how the USA was formed). And the declaration is so short, yet people still suffer horribly. The Gaza Siege by the Israel Occupation has left people starving and ill plus so much more suffering.

"Even the

darkest night

will end


the sun will rise."

❤   Rumi

The Sun will Rise: Palestinians Exiled in Europe Denounce Balfour Declaration The 15th Palestinians in Europe Conference took place on April 15 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and addressed the historical mistake of the Balfour declaration. The organizers said the conference highlighted the notorious Balfour Declaration and its impact on the Palestinian people, and confirm the Palestinian people’s adherence to their right of return. Click The Sun Will Rise: Balfour Agreement Anniversary to view a video from the conference.

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