Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

How occupation forces can move forward in Iraq?

The best way forward?

Use the judicial system to punish appropriately rather than indiscriminate killing.

Use the military to guard the perimeters of the hospitals, schools, food markets. Put the troops 4 deep, 10 deep or 20 whatever is necessary to protect and keep supplies for the citizens where they belong.
Provide escorts for citizens who need it to go back to university classes and jobs.

Follow the laws of Iraq. Drive with care.


Replenish the soil, get water to the people, let the electricians of Iraq fix their own electricity.

Buy food from Iraq and neighboring countries. Quit transporting anything that can be found anywhere. Ship the trash from the packaging back to the US.

Southern Iraq is experiencing the worse drought since inhabited by people. Help fix this problem.

FLOOD the country with doctors, nurses, architects, archeologists, engineers and ask the Iraqis "How can we help you? What do you want us to do?" And then do it.

Empty the huge American "embassy" (reported to measure the same as 8 football fields) and turn it over to the people of Iraq for a Medical University and Hospital or whatever they choose.

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