Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What do U.S.A. citizens want? What do they get? Democracy?

Unfortunately, the USA has the most military power and takes great pride on using it daily against innocent people.

Do U.S.A. citizens agree with this policy? Do U.S.A. citizens want the U.S. military in control of Africa (Africom)?

Do they want to be under surveillance just in case they do something someone listening feels may be traitorous or out of bounds?

Do they want elections that use computers that are hacked and intimidation to get the vote?

Do they want peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders hurt and imprisoned?

Do they want the elctoral college which negates the vote of the majority? Do they want journalists murdered and sidelined?

Do they want different parts of the govt at war with each other so that when one part is backing a coup the other part is promising aid?

Do they want a government that supports the flow of drugs from state to state and into the country rather than stopping the demand for addictive drugs?

Do they want a government that is satisfied enough with the polluted cancer inducing environment of the U.S.A. that it only gives mouth service to cleaning up the environment while polluting the environment intolerably with the building and use of weapons of mass destruction?

Do they want a government that uses unmanned robots to kill innoccent people so some soldiers don't even have to leave the country to become murderers?

Do they want a country which closes options for the young so young people see military service as their only option for the future?

Do they want war veterans to become a danger to themselves and their community rather than give them the health support they need?

Do they want a country of malnutritioned, obese children?

Do they want a country of illiterate people that can't even read the chart at the eye doctors' let alone a newspaper?

Do they want a country where everyday more and more people are living in a tent, just one tent away from the street? Do they want a country that refuses health care and lets people die for profit?

DEMOCRACY is a word that means many things to many people depending on whether they want (1) to have an intelligent sharing of information or (2) drive the fear of the devil into people or (3) to trick people.
Democracy comes from the citizens of a place not from the occupation forces who decide they want that place.

The U.S. calls itself a democracy but is it?

The U.S. has isolated itself from the rest of the world enough that even the meanings of words in English mean something very different to other English speaking peoples.

Yes, a country that calls itself a democracy can cooperate with countries having different ideologies if only because this is not junior high. This is the real world and life and death issues are not solved by the bully in the schoolyard. The bully only makes the problem worse.

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