Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nazis and Asexual Reproduction

In the dream I felt very light hearted.  I can't image why.  I was pregnant and being chased by Nazis. 
     My hubby and I and four of our friends were having a great time sitting on the floor waiting for the Lamaze classes to start.  People started trickling  into the room.   I was laughig and talking with my friends until I looked around the room to find the teacher.  What I saw was a room full of blonde, blue-eye young men similarly dressed in camouflage garb and some had automatic firearms causally slung  from their shoulders.
     Smiling brightly I signaled to my group, "We have to get out of here."
    Altogether when no one was paying attention to us, we fled as one body through  the door and we all kept running.  We had to split up because the Nazi boys were chasing us and taking potshots at us.  Running  down the suburban street I noticed a garage door partially opened.  I flung myself lightly under the door rolling myself gracefully under a short workbench.
    I was calm and patient and quite satisfied to rest under the workbench in a strange garage. Maybe because I had company.  Tiny fluffy kitties were asexual reproducing .  One kitty about three inches long would float from the air.  In a flash the kitty would have transformed itself into  a pair connected along their side, like Siamese twins.  It didn't take long for lots of the sweet little animals to appear from inside the folds of my clothes and float around the workbench.
      The door into the garage from the house opened. Calmly the lady of the house stepped into the garage and peaked under the bench.  "Stay where you are," she whispered to me, all the time pretending she was rummaging through the tools for a particular item.
     "They are running through the neighborhood looking into windows.  They are all carrying weapons and they are specifically looking for you."
     After some amount of time had passed she crouched down to tell me the danger had passed.  She was enchanted by the kittens.  The dream ended while we were admiring the kittens and watching one turn into a double kitty and afterwards separate into two  floating minatures pets.

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