Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Politics. Decided. Finally at the nub of the problem.

     With the resignation of Van Jones there’s no mistaking the power struggle that began as soon as the east coast colonies came together in the continental congress and an empire began to organize itself.
      The grasping of the world’s natural resources to the bitter end has become overwhelming powerful by wielding cash and fear; I wonder how we are going to extract ourselves from this tragic dilemma.  If only one nation was battling itself the repercussions wouldn’t be felt throughout the world.  Unfortunately the military superpower of the world has decided to wage the battle starting with the most vulnerable and helpless.
      How can families concerned with daily work, school and home protect themselves from the robotic weapons?
      The occupation of Palestine has been the loudest warning that this is a war against citizens.  The Israeli military used drones years ago in the portion of Palestine that had not yet been occupied by Israelis.  Now a wide swath of murder blankets Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan successfully ridding this portion of the world sometimes of three to four generations of families with one bomb.
        In other places we can watch whole families starve to death in the comfort of our homes.  Groups of people with an ancestry of the indigenous have had to leave areas made unlivable due to a tiny shift in the atmospheric temperature.  The drought and flooding that have ensued for several decades hasn’t been enough time to for modern technology to produce natural disaster warning systems, innovative infrastructure nor even guaranteed shelter for those who own only a few pieces of cloth which covers their body.
     Now the world’s superpower has become so arrogant that its own citizens are being treated as badly as those in the rest of the world.  The throwing down of the gauntlet in the new wave of civil war in the United States was announced with the privatization of prisons.  
       If a business wants to make money managing prisons (to please their shareholders, of course) they have to have plenty of prisoners.  So even though white-skinned people still are in a majority of the population and as logically follow, they are the people committing the most crimes.  But who do we find in the prisons?  Non-white skinned people, the poor, the young (the ‘juvenile delinquents’).
       The elderly and the weak need health care but where is the profit?  Only healthy people can hope for no problems with the corporate health insurance now available.  If the ill are cared for the profit margin narrows and that is not acceptable (to the shareholders, of course).
     But still operating with freedom around the country are the environmentalists.  If they have their way each family will be able to control the consumption and source of the family’s energy.  The whole system will fall apart and the shareholders will be upset.
      Van Jones is considered an enemy of the powerful who do not want to give up that power nor their riches.  He is the example.  Lately Jim Hanson the most famous climatologist in the world was arrested and thrown in prison but that barely rippled through the information dimension.  In another country that would have caused an outrage but all remained quiet on the home front.
        So who better to target than Van Jones?  He possesses all the characteristics many have been trained to hate due to a constant diet of fear and vitriol.  Van Jones is young, smart, healthy, tall, dark-skinned, patriotic, wants to empower those with no jobs by giving the jobs, worst of all he wants the citizens of the U.S.A. to empower themselves, to become strong, to become innovative and he has the dynamism and the brains to help make that happen.
     Here is the crux of the dangerous tensions laid out in a black and white format.
Are you for taking natural resources from the rest of the world or do you want to be able to control your own energy needs with nature’s resources which are available to everyone? 
     Put more succinctly.
     Do you trust the people holding the most money in the world or do trust yourself to do a better job of providing a decent future for your family?
     And put even more simply.
      Do you want to be a part of mass destruction or mass creation?

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