Gaza walled in and under siege

Gaza walled in and under siege
Largest open air prison in the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Van Jones bringing up a lot of emotional voices.

Van Jones subject makes fearful letter writers dramatic.

Would like you like to join?
I'm trying to communicate with some difficult to understand letter writers.
They seem to be so fearful they aren't able to make sense.
My most recent point follows.

Dear fellow mates blogging here,
        My intimate experience with raging bullies is that the more outrageous their statements the faster you best agree and get to a safe place.
         So in lies the conundrum of fear fevered bullies sputtering out vitriol which follows no reason.
       Free speech is necessary in a democracy but believing ill reasoned fantasies has led to massacres in Nazi Germany, Rwanda and Yugoslavia.
       Do you want the same situation in your country or do you want to look for facts and find out who is really jerking you around?
      Those that have posted inappropriate comments about Pres. Obama and Van Jones have not offered a valid argument, reason or identified references for the information which validates their position.
       Their fear has surfaced as name calling, blame and strange attempts at humor.
        As a mother I can tell you, any mother with sons such as the Misters Obama and Jones would be proud as can be.
So as a Mother I want to say to everyone, "Do not be afraid.
Trust what your eyes tell you."

    Both men work with white skinned people with no problem.  When you see films with them and white skinned people they are interacting positively.
    Don't ask "Where are the jobs he created?"  Look it up, you are computer literate or you wouldn't have posted here. 
     Who do you trust more than yourself to verify he is the real deal and so are the jobs?
Sincerely, Vicki

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